Press Release June 6, 2016

Dot Money, a New Global Community Currency slated to Provide a Basic Income

On Monday June 6th 2016, the Global Currency Reserve (the “GCR”) announced that it is formally launching the development cycle of its New Global Community Currency called “Dot Money”. The currency is designed to provide a basic monthly income for all its subscribers and users without the need for taxation.   Dot Money is specifically engineered to stabilize the global economy, lower taxes and end poverty without redistributing wealth.

In last year’s press release, (located at www.DotMoney.Tv/short) the GCR announced its intention to launch the development of Dot Money.  Over a year of research and preparation that included contacting various individuals, businesses, governments and banks around the world, has enabled the GCR to form partnerships, identify the necessary technology, and formulate the implementation plan. Dot Money aims to be a real utility that will be attractive for people to use, and inspire people to engage right from the start.

As part of its launch of the development cycle, the GCR is also pleased to announce its partnership with a Canadian based technology company, ChainReactor. ChainReactor has recently begun receiving positive recognition in technical reports for its development and testing of its novel Blockchain platform. ChainReactor provides the facility to utilize existing mainstream databases such as Oracle, SAP, SQL to be integrated into Blockchains, and interoperate with other blockchain flavors.

At this point in history Blockchain technology, and its body of developers, remains heavily fragmented.  However, GCR is convinced that Blockchain is essential for the successful design of Dot Money. There are many Blockchain technology initiatives underway to bridge existing financial networks, hardware and software systems. The goals are transfer and settlement that is faster, less expensive and not susceptible to hackers or the failures of financial institutions. After careful evaluation of the technology being developed by many groups, the GCR has chosen to partner with Chainreactor because of its speed and versatility. Its interoperability with legacy banking systems, and its resilience in the face of cybercrime presents the opportunity to build a new generation of payments.

“There are numerous applications that can be built on ChainReactor, and the results will be astonishing improvements and innovations that promise to change the world incrementally, “says Derick Smith, the CEO of Chainreactor. “We are very excited to be involved with the development of Dot Money.”

Dot Money is a revolutionary solution.  It is a bold economic model designed to protect the security as well as the actual value of people’s hard earned money, with the rules of the system enforced transparently on a globally distributed Blockchain network. Problems such as theft, charge-backs, corruption, hacking, institutional failures evident in today’s monetary systems, including cash and electronic payments, can simply not occur with Dot Money. It’s a solution that is long overdue in a world where rapid changes in the value of currencies leave so many people at risk Dot Money will act as an insurance policy against devaluation for its users.

Dot Money will work just like any other currency, but with more features. It is not designed to replace any other currency, rather acting as a stabilizing force.  There are attractive and profitable incentives for individuals, businesses, fund managers, banks and governments that work with Dot Money and the Global Currency Reserve.  The Global Currency Reserve achieves its primary goals by creating a new financial instrument, Dot Money, which can be exchanged with other currencies within fixed price ranges. These are set by the Global Currency Reserve, with inputs from the governments of supported national currencies.  In addition, there are many opportunities for currency exchanges and entrepreneurs to operate businesses that support Dot Money.

Since the GCR Press Release in April 2015, response from people around the world has been very encouraging.  Ordinary people from all over the world have been pre-registering for Dot Money in a free process online, and many others are helping to spread the word through social media and supportive activism.  For more information go to:

www.DotMoney.Cash | | www.DotMoney.TV


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